Did you know, why dr strange were the Eye of agamotto without having time stone?

Because, this is the first Sorcerer Supreme has vodo magic in it and the source of his power kept impact in this locket.

strange supreme has the girl he wanted to be his wife will be dead on car accident in every possible ways.

Dr. strange in another universe will became suprime with time stone as he host his girl.

Doctor strange bring wanda after knowing multiverse concept in spiderman no way home.

wanda has magic, but we can't forget she is a mutant like his brother.

Doctor strange is less powerful as compare to strange supreme.

wanda chenge the multiverse algoritym as she wanted her childrens back.

wanda became so powerful that she will defeat supreme strange in the movie (spoiler)

in the movie she will find her inner power to explore someone like dark phoenix

Doctor strange will face himself in the movie, later on he supreme strange will be the main villain..

dr strange find his unknown power after facing supreme strange.

Marvel create a devil look for supreme strange as he will give his soul to dormammu

later on he will try to distrouy the universe, but he will distroy himself.