About Us

1.Introduction: Hello viewers welcome to Tech & Tour.

Our website and posts can introduce us. Tech & Tour is basically about the latest technology and traveling blog posts. Our goal is to give you the right guidance before spending your money on technology and also any locations traveling. Most of us never follow the budget when it comes to exploring the best places to travel. I’m right?
So, I will guide you where you want to travel at the cheapest budget.
Now, Who am I? it would be your next question.
So, let me introduced my self. My name is Dipankar Sen.


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Here is me. I’m a website designer, developer, Youtuber and travel freak. In short, I’m your guide and any kind of information about tech & tour related, you can contact me. it will be provided to you free of cost. so, don’t hesitate to contact me.

We don’t store your information. Your information is fully secure the way you contact with us. Our blog post and review are always 100% genuine. we never support paid promotions.

thank you.