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Best free Background Eraser apps for Android & ISO

We always looking for best Background Eraser apps for free and easy to use.

If you only want the subject in the photo, not the background, we usually use Photoshop. But guess what, you don’t always have to trust Photoshop. It turns out that with the right application, your smartphone can help you. If you don’t need perfect pixel control, please cut out the background from the photo.

Although many backgrounds delete apps on the Play Store and App Store, some of the most popular apps are full of ads, so I searched the App Store for the best background eraser apps for Android and iOS (with the least rating). Is my result.

Read: How to determine if an image is from Photoshop o However, don’t expect these Android applications to produce Photoshop-like results, such as erase or Trim fine hair or tea leaves. We found that these Android apps work best when the image has a monochrome background, such as B. black or red, with good contrast between the foreground and the background. Yes, you can export the image as a transparent PNG.


Best Background Eraser Apps for Android and iOS


Like in Photoshop on your computer, you need to use the selection tool provided in the application to outline the area to be extracted and then click the “Delete” button. Yes, it’s that simple; you can also delete the original background and replace it. …A cool place, such as the beach, the Leaning Tower of Paris, or the Lal Kila. Does it sound funny? Let’s start.



1.Ultimate Background Eraser

Ultimate Background Eraser was released around June 2019. In a few days, everyone was using it. This web app uses artificial intelligence to remove background information from images quickly. The results are the best in the business, even better than Photoshop’s magic eraser. The only caveat is that it is not a native Android or iOS app, so you need an active internet connection to use the app. That said, it works great on mobile devices. Just upload the file and download the clipping. It is really that easy. It works for both human cutouts and objects, and since it’s based on artificial intelligence, it only gets better as you age.

It has a 4.7 Rating on the play store.


pic is taken from playstore


There is no shortage of eraser apps in the Play Store, and most of the time, they are the same, but there are some UI changes here and there. In the end, Background Eraser entered the list because, in addition to bells and common whistles (such as automatic (magic), manual mode, crop, undo, offset and zoom modes), there are some tricks we saw before.

Install Ultimate Background Eraser.


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2.Background Eraser: handyCloset Inc.

This app has 100 million downloads and over 4.6 Ratings in Play Store. So, you might consider it as your beginner app. it’s simple and easy. Background Eraser is ​​a simple application that allows you to make basic changes to your phone. You can crop the image, adjust the color, change the exposure, and add filters. In addition, you can easily remove the background from the image. One part of the picture and combine with another.


The app provides two tools: a basic selection tool and a smart selection tool. All you need to do is slide the “Smart Selection” tool on the area you want to delete, and the app will automatically delete everything. If the application goes wrong, you can undo the tool and get back the deleted parts. It’s effortless. Photoshop Mix requires an account that you can easily create. The application is free.

Install Background Eraser: handyCloset Inc.

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3.Background Eraser – Remove Background: InShot inc.

This app is an easy way to create cropped images. It has a simple interface, easy-to-use tools, and some editing options that are just icing on the cake. You can crop to make it easier to remove the background and adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, temperature, etc. The erasing tool has an offset and can easily delete the background on the phone. Even if you make a mistake, you can use the brush to restore the deleted part. it has an auto background erase option that gives you easy to do. You can select specific areas or colors to speed up processing. I use this app for now.


After deleting the background, you can add other backgrounds from the local album or select one of the backgrounds in the app. It has a series of solid and gradient backgrounds and space backgrounds. JPEG or PNG files on the camera roll, or share on other social networks.


Install Background Eraser – Remove Background: InShot inc.

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