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Top 5 Earning Apps 2019

Top 5 Earning Apps that give you real money

These days, everybody owns a smartphone, and nearly everything we do on them requires an app.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make money with just a few apps as well? You can still make a few extra bucks while you’re not going to get super rich.

Here are some mobile apps that pay you to answer questions, take part in surveys, or just walk.

1.Opinion Rewards: This app from Google pays you to take part in surveys

Google’s Play Store Opinion Rewards is a quick survey app that allows users to take part in surveys in exchange for credits from Google Play. This app was launched in India last year; the app’s minimum reward value is Rs. 10. The credits received by responding to surveys can be used on the Play Store to purchase apps or other content.

2.MooCash: an app that pays for simple tasks

MooCash is an Android app that provides cash, gift cards (Amazon, Google Play), Bitcoin, and other rewards for trying new apps / games, watching videos, referring friends, responding to surveys, etc.

It also allows users to earn coins by simply swiping left on the device locker screen to claim bids/rewards. You can redeem these coins using the PayPal or Google Reward Card.

3.SquadRun: Earn Paytm cash, PayUMoney points using this Indian app

SquadRun is another India-based Android app that provides rewards or SquadCoins to complete different tasks. “We’re turning big business issues (Flipkart, Yatra, Snapdeal, Ola, etc.) into small missions.

completed with our amazing user base,” says SquadRun on Play Store. The missions include feedback, image tagging, product categorization, etc. You can send SquadCoins to the Paytm wallet of users or redeem them for PayUMoney points.

4.MCent Browser: free rewards, reloads, data only by browsing the Internet

MCent is a browser app that grants free reloading and data to users. Without further steps or requirements, users can earn credits by simply browsing or visiting websites.

Users can browse the Internet, view or download videos, read the news, use Facebook, shop online, or use Google Search as usual. They receive reward points for recharges that can be redeemed.

5.AppBounty: AppBounty offers new apps credits

The AppBounty app, available for both Android and iOS, provides users with free rewards in exchange for free mobile apps. Users must download AppBounty’s offered apps and earn credits for each app they discover.

These rewards can be spent on Amazon, PlayStation, Xbox, iTunes, Netflix, Steam, Google Play and so on gift cards. It offers rewards from around the world.

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