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Earn Money from Facebook

How to Earn Money from Facebook Videos or Pages

It was a year later that Facebook’s founder announced good news for Facebook’s video content creator. Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that their video content will be monitored according to Facebook rules from as much as any video creator on Facebook. He also launched recommended Facebook video and ads that display features. Viewers will receive a muted ad on that particular video after watching some half of a video. Video creators can, therefore, earn fifty-five percent of the revenue from that video, and Facebook can earn forty-five percent. I’m going to clarify how to earn cash from Facebook Videos and how you’re going to monetize your Facebook video.

Before beginning the monetization from your videos, you need to fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

1. Having a Facebook page:

You’ve already set up a Facebook page, must be positive. Only when you have a Facebook page can you monetise. From a private Facebook account, you won’t monetise your video.

2.pair of  a minimum of five printed articles:

you must have at least 5 articles revealed on your Facebook page after that. It is clear here that 5 articles have been revealed, not five video posts or posts for images. These articles will be linked from your website or from any website of bloggers.

3.Having a Web site, or any Blogger website:

You need a website, any Blogger website, or any WordPress website already for this. Make sure you’ve revealed at least 5 items in any of these places. These are necessary because there may need to be a URL when you set up your Facebook page for monetization.

4. No demand for any fixed number of followers or likes:

Yes, don’t worry about any fastened variety of followers or variety of likes on your Facebook page, at this point you are exempt from this demand, which is the initial necessary criteria in the monetisation of YouTube. I hope you’ve met the top of the requirements. You are then, without a doubt, eligible to monetise your Facebook video. The next steps are the following steps required for “How to earn money with Facebook Videos cash.” You have to complete all the steps separately, so you can monetise your video.

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