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How to Rank up My Website on Google Search Engine

Rank Up Your Website on Google


Traffic for new bloggers is bad dreams. Everyone thinks why they don’t get traffic to their website. If you’re a blogger then you have to think that whatever articles you’ve written in the top of the google search engine, but if you want to do a blogging career, there’s no such shortcut method. On Google, you can bring your item to the top.
I’ve seen so many people trying to get their article top in google with the help of black hat SEO, although their article looks at the top in google this result doesn’t always remain for long article loses Google’s ranking and it has a very bad effect on our website black hat SEO can also penalize your website.

Some important tips to get the article to top in the Google search engine.

Content is the only way we can help attract our audience, which makes Google much more enjoyable. If you write content for a search engine, you should also pay attention to optimizing your search engine as well as helping people.
Any search engine likes our organic content very much, so it’s because your content is written without any copyright because the search engine first finds out who wrote this paragraph and then you get caught easily and your copyright takes a strike on the site. Remember one thing that you can never rank copyright content.

Decoration of Article

First of all, you need to understand that I give you an example and explain what the decoration of the article is.
To rank your content in Google, you can search keywords, headlines, paragraph, tags, images, etc. By decore properly, your visitors will have to show up by doing this when Google reads your content, it will easily know which keyword you have targeted. You write your main keyword in bold or italic.


The way you need quality content to rank on Google, go through your account until your content is long, Google won’t rank your content well. That’s why you need to pay more attention to your content’s length. The content length does not mean that any content is inserted in the article.

Customize the slog design of your sidebar:

The reader enjoys looking good on the blog, reading the search engine also gives a higher rank to the simple blog. If the page speed is good, it also improves the bounce rate. All this has the advantage of bringing the blog to the top of the search engine.

You give some necessary tips to follow.

Keep as small as possible the sidebar. Make SEO friendly with every single image of your blog and use its ALT tags. Remove wedges / plugin sidebar extracts. Keep the sidebar, as usual, clean and fresh. At least image and widget should be used by the sidebar. High-quality backlinks Banaye: High-quality backlinks play a lot of impact roles in your blog content ranking, you just need to make backlinks in the SEO off-page.

Yourself makes high – quality backlinks

High – quality backlinks mean you’ve linked your blog to a website whose domain authority, page rank, etc. It’s high things. Take care of one thing, the domain authority website, the rank of the page is higher, we call it high authority website.
High – level blog/website comment on some important tips for successful tips.
Share your content on the top website of social networking.
Respond to your accounts such as Quora and Yahoo and at the forum.
Send your blog to the top website for social bookmarking.
Ask bloggers from your friends to post their blog link on their blog.
Publish your content on the Directory of Papular Article.
When you create a backlink, you will have to pay attention to one thing and you don’t make a backlink and spam it. Very often we get an auto-approval site where there are already many links, then there is a link Make the mean to avoid such scarcity and focus on quality backlinks.

Social Site/Article:

We can also create backlinks with lots of traffic with the help of Social Site. Recall how many social signals are on your link to bring the article to the top, it’s also importable.
But there are many people on their Facebook account who share a link with many friends to get a more social signal, resulting in blocking their link and getting the posts to take. Remember that you do not repeatedly share a link with one account.
To share your article on the social site whose information we provide below, you will need to do some optimization.
You should configure your business page’s Meta tags properly.
In our post thumbnails, you should use high – quality images.
Use a separate meta description for that when you go promoting a post.
In your visitor’s post, he said if they like this post, then share it.
Advertise your website’s stock widget.
On any of your social pages, share your articles.

Final verdict?

I’ve given you some important tips here for lining up the top article, but you know Google has over 200 ranking factors. But if you need to rank your website then you need to take full care of on-page and off-page SEO together also keep in mind that if you don’t over-customize your article, it will make a difference in the ranking of your article.

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