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How to win money on MPL for FREE!!!!!

Win money on MPL for FREE!!!


Money is not the necessity of everyone nowadays? So bear with me as I explain to you how you can earn this money only by playing simple games with your friends and family every day. Welcome to the Premier League for Mobile (MPL). A fun app where you can play simple ninja fruit games, bubble shooter, space breaker, etc. You can download it from


Easily win Paytm money on MPL by playing every day simple games. The app requires you to use your phone number and initially create your account to install and log in. You’re already earning 20 rupees to join just this. Several easy steps and you already have twenty rupees in your wallet. This 20 rupees can be used as an entry fee to play other games on the app and earn a lot of money for yourself. It helps you to easily win cash from Paytm.

Obviously, everyone reading this would have heard about IPL and how famous it is. There’s nothing like IPL craze. People of all ages come together to enjoy watching IPL together for a month of their summer break. Everyone is waiting for the IPL season every summer. MPL (Mobile Premier League) is the same as IPL, where you can compete with players worldwide to easily earn a lot of Paytm money. As already told to you, MPL is a mobile application where you can play daily games to win cash from Paytm. Playing together and winning money can also be referred to your friends and family. Playing with your friends to win will automatically become a lot more competitive and fun.

The app’s concept is to have fun along the way and earn money. So, the more referrals, the bigger your community will be, and the better it will be playing and earning. References can be of any kind; word of mouth, posts on social media, anything. Preferably social media because the referral posts you put up on your own social media accounts allow you to earn a little more cash.

So basically how it works, you earn money to share with your friends or family and to refer to them. You will earn 1 token for each share if you share on WhatsApp or Facebook. So, you can set a constant sharing timeframe. And you’ll earn 5 tokens for each click on your shared post. So, even if it’s done on a weekly basis, just sharing the posts will make you earn some money. You can even directly use this money to play the MPL games. So if you’re a person with lots of friends and connections that’s very popular on social media, then this is your best option. You will be able to earn a substantial amount of tokens for each share and click from your social media connections. And when your friend joins MPL, your friend and you will get 10 rupees each. This may also be a convincing argument for you to persuade a friend to join you and play with you. So you both get 10 rupees and he/she can refer it to his / her friends.

The referral bonuses change depending on sharing media, and if you share it on a variety of platforms, you’ll get the most benefit. So, the more media you share, the more referral tokens you earn to play more Mobile Premier League (MPL) games. Even if you’re sharing on a variety of platforms, your audience will also help you earn extra tokens by clicking on your post.


*you can earn money online with other modes.



The average entry fee is around 15 rupees to play a simple game on MPL and you can easily win around 200 rupees. So you can earn money and use that money to win your own 200 rupees by referring it to even your closest friend circles. There are a lot of ways to refer, as mentioned earlier, and you can earn a lot of cash to play these games. So technically, you don’t pay your own money and still earn too much. That’s the Mobile Premier League’s best thing.



To download MPL, go get your smartphone and click on the link provided. The website will show you how to install a smartphone device application. Start playing your favourite games once downloaded and earn money from Paytm on the MPL app. Also, get your friends to install and start playing a variety of games on the Mobile Premier League through your referral code.

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